Why invest in a Self-Care Coach?

Making time for yourself can be hard, especially when you feel like life is pulling you in different directions. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just requires some adjustment and reprioritization. Self care coaching helps you make the adjustments needed to ensure your mental, physical, social, spiritual and financial needs are consistently met in order to improve your overall well-being. Allowing you to then be able to successfully focus your energy on achieving your goals. As a licensed social worker I have personally struggled with feelings of burn out, restlessness, and the desire to have a healthier work and life balance. Developing an intentional and consistent self-care plan has allowed me to over come those feelings. Leaving me feeling reenergized and able to continue to achieve success in my personal and professional life. Im here to help hardworking and ambitious women like myself do the same!

My coaching program is for those looking to:

  • Improve their mental, physical, social, spiritual, or financial self care habits

  • Receive support with reaching their goals

  • Achieve a better school or work life balance

  • Over come stress & burn out in their career

  • Overwhelmed in their personal life

  • Stop feeling like they don’t have enough time for themselves


  • Just simply looking for a support system

What you can expect from my 1:1 coaching program:

  • Goal setting and support

  • Crafting a self care plan to specifically meet your needs

  • Shifting your mindset and thought patterns

  • Building Stress management skills

  • Improving your overall well-being

  • A support system

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