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My Most Used Self-Care Products!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

There are TONS of self-care products out there to choose from! Im making it simple for you and sharing out my top 8 with links!

  1. My Digital Self-Care Challenge Cards Set. Following the same routine can get boring! Thats why I created a digital 31-day self-care challenge set that can help me mix up my daily self-care routine or even have a friendly wellness challenge with a friend!

  2. My essential oil set from amazon. One of my favorite ways to add some relaxation into my day is either by diffusing lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon essential oil in my diffuser or rubbing a couple drops onto my wrist to smell throughout the day!

  3. The bath tub pillow my mom gifted me from Amazon. There is nothing like a nice soak in a deep tub. What makes it even better is being able to have a built in head rest.

  4. My Ninjia Blender. This blender was a GAME CHANGER. It allows me to quickly chop up frozen fruit and turn it into a smoothie with my own personal smoothie cup. Great for when i'm on the go in the AM.

  5. My pill organizer. I take a variety of medications and vitamins each morning. I am easily able to save time and ensure i'm taking my medication consistently by using my pill organizer that is fit for traveling as well.

  6. My facial steamer. Did you know you facial steamer can also double as a deep conditioning tool for your hair?! The warm steam helps the product better penetrate into your hair strands and scalp. What an affordable two in one!

  7. My heating pad. Despite having an active massage membership I sometimes need a little attention to my problem areas in between sessions. I normally prop myself up in my bed with a couple pillows with my heating pad behind me to ease the muscle pain in my back.

  8. Last but NOT least, my tv string lights. There is a such thing as too much light when you are prone to migraines like myself or when you are looking to create a relaxing environment. These string lights were so easy to install and I can control them from my bed on my phone!

What are your most used self-care products? Let's talk more, follow me on instagram at @creatingspace4u where I regularly post self-care centered tips and inspo!

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