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The Holidays and My Bad Nerves!

We are now 26 days away from Christmas and we are at the peak of holiday shopping! I don’t know about you but the thought of squeezing my way through a crowded shopping aisle even before COVID “made my nerves bad”, as my late great grandma would say. I start to experience worry and panic as I plot how I’m going to make it from point A to point B unscathed. Not only am I worried about tripping over my own two feet as I surf through the crowd, I'm worried about tripping over someone else as I’m known to be pretty clumsy. Just thinking about it is making me sweat!

Did you know that these feelings are likely to be a manifestation of Anxiety? That’s right, you and I are not alone and it is not just “in your head". Anxiety can show up as avoidance of certain places, situations, or things such as shopping centers, large crowds, social gatherings, etc. Anxiety can cause your hands to feel cold and clammy, increase your heart rate, speed up your breathing, cause you to perspire, and rapid cycling thoughts. Often you might find yourself thinking about “what if…” scenarios. Looking to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of anxiety? Check out this quick fact sheet provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness:

If you are looking for some support with your anxiety and reside in Indiana I am currently accepting new clients and have day time and evening availability Monday-Thursday. Private pay, HSA/FSA accepted as payment. To schedule your free consultation call visit

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